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Hudson’s Story

Hudson Robert Foschi was born at home, swiftly and gently, on February 27, 2014. Almost instantaneously, family and friends recognized a keen and deeply vivid sentience about him. With boundless energy, coupled with a tremendously inquisitive nature, Hudson thrived on big plans and every single day he awoke with a big purpose. Hudson always had an agenda. No matter what it may be, he wanted to experience every ounce of it - fully, deeply and completely. He wanted to touch everything, go everywhere, explore anything and do it with anyone and everyone he could recruit along the way.

Hudson delighted countless individuals with his brilliant intellect and perpetually entertained others with his comedic wit. He humbled his world with unabashed honesty and astonished us with his empathy for others. He touched the hearts of everyone who knew him with profound and contemplative observations. A busy bee and a worker man. An entertainer, always certain to steal the show. A charmer with a heart of gold. A teacher and a student. Hudson was everything God wanted him to be during his short time here on Earth. 

Hudson was adventurous – he was known to go outside to play and come back with an armload of frogs he had found in the yard. He was kind – at school he could be found comforting a sad classmate by inviting him or her to play. He was strong – he could run, jump, swim and play with any of his older cousins. He was self-confident – even at three, he struck up a friendship with his neighbor just by asking him how his day was. He was fearless – before he could swim, he jumped, without hesitation, into the deep end of a pool to retrieve a Frisbee. And he had a boundless imagination – he regularly regaled his family and friends with fantastical stories. You could say Hudson’s mission in this world was to make the people he encountered laugh and feel loved – a truly magical gift for such a young person.  

Yet Hudson was not for keeping. Rather a gift, lent to us by a gracious God. An untamed spirit, wild with curiosity and steeped in wisdom that reached far beyond his years. A cherished soul much too colossal for the austerity of this, our earthly realm. And at the tender age of four, Hudson Robert Foschi was summoned back to his heavenly home on January 8, 2019 to live perfectly in eternal bliss.

Our time with him was short, our loss is monumental and our suffering is immense. Our gift of a child had a divine calling here in our physical world and he filled our spirits with a love that will surpass this lifetime and beyond.